Welcome to McDowell Mermaids. We offer children & adults the experience to explore the magical world underwater as Mermaids & Mermen wearing a Mermaids Uk tail & Mono fin. Whether you want to do it as a family, for a celebration or individually, you will have a Mermazing experience.

McDowell Mermaids use various locations in Surrey, Sussex & Kent. If you have the luxury of your own pool we would be more than happy to come to you.

Swim Test

  • Minimum age 6 Years old
  • Swim 25 metres comfortably
  • Be able to submerge your face fully whilst swimming
  • Be able to tread water in both shallow and deep water
  • Be able to lift your knees and turn 360 degrees in both directions
  • Be able to demonstrate a basic dolphin kick for 5 metres

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