Mermaid Swimming Classes Redhill


Mermaid Swimming Lessons in Redhill

Come rain or shine, mermaids need not worry! We at McDowells offer all-weather Mermaid Swimming Lessons in Redhill. Specially designed to make your whirls fun, all year round, our mermaiding sessions are suitable for kids and adults alike.

McDowells Mermaid is proud to offer fully-guided swimming sessions in Redhill. To join in the fun, you have got to pass our Swim Test. Swimming lessons are offered to all those who are above the age of six years.

Swim Test

You must be able to

  • Swim 25 metres comfortably
  • Float unaided
  • Get face down fully while swimming
  • Wade through both shallow and deep water
  • Raise and twist knees 360 degrees in both directions
  • Do basic 5 metre dolphin kick

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