Mermaid Swimming Classes Kent


Best Mermaid Swimming Lessons in Kent

Ride waves in your life, just like fairytale mermaids, with McDowells Mermaid Swimming Lessons in Kent. Specially crafted to make swimming sessions exciting, our mermaiding programs are fully guided sessions to help you enjoy the aesthetics, sans any worries.

Swimming lessons in McDowells Mermaids are all-weather affairs. Our temperature-controlled pools and state-of-the-art infrastructure allow creative twists and turns all through the year. Be it high summer or harsh winter, our mermaids always deserve the splash.

Swim Test

To ensure you get most out of the mermaid swimming classes in Kent, we however insist on certain parameters. For our Swim test you must be

  • A minimum of 6 years of age
  • Able to float unaided
  • Swim comfortably for at least 25 metres
  • Able to swim face-down and a minimum of 5 metre dolphin kick
  • Comfortable to move in shallow and deep water
  • Capable to move your knees up and twist 360 degrees equally in both directions

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