The popularity of pool parties has enhanced drastically in the last few years as it is the easiest way to beat the heat and have fun, irrespective of the time of the year. But organising a pool party is not as easy as you think as your primary focus should always be on preventing people from drowning in the pool. Almost everyone loves water and gets engaged in pool activities once they plunge into the water. They become unaware of the consequences of their actions. Some don’t even know the actions which are forbidden while you are in a swimming pool.

 3 Safety Tips To Make Your Swimming Pool Party Safer

  • Watch People’s Action

If you want to host a safe pool party, hire someone who will keep a constant watch on the pool and your guests will be under his supervision. Making even a minor mistake when partying in a pool can drown people. A trained person should sit by the water where your guests have gathered. He should not leave the spot until he has a replacement or till the party ends. The complete focus of the people plunging into the water should be on their safety instead of drinking, side conversations or other distractions.

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  • Know The Games

Though you can indulge in a wide variety of activities while you are in a swimming pool, know the rules of the games first. You can keep the excitement going if you are sure about your safety. If there are kids on the pool who are piling onto rafts, make sure they don’t flip them over as it might harm other swimmers. Adults can spend their time retrieving sunken coins while children can collect the floating balls. Even if the focus of the people is purely on having fun, they should not throw others in the pool or conduct breath-holding contests.

  • Learn Swimming

You can make the most of your swimming party if you know how to swim. An experienced swimmer can make sound water judgements which help a great deal in keeping him and others safe. As far as the age of the children is concerned, it is advisable to wait until they turn four so that they can start with formal swimming lessons. Children younger than that are not physically or emotionally developed to take the plunge. Parents will just get a false sense of security.

These being said, it’s time you start following the tips stated above, when hosting a pool party and ensuring the safety of your guests will become easier.